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Transform your business from opportunistic development to strategic growth with the help of a global strategic marketing consulting firm.

Kotler Marketing Group is a worldwide consulting firm that specialises in marketing. Our headquarter is in Washington, D.C. Our philosophy is based on the work of Philip Kotler, the principal associate and the world's foremost strategic marketer. We cater to clients across different industries by employing cutting-edge methodologies and an exceptional staff and network of consultant specialists comprising business and academic leaders.

We have served clients worldwide, including 376 "Fortune 500" companies and over 200 innovative enterprises from 16 different industries for the past 40 years.

Our firm is a distinguished leader in strategic and tactical marketing. Our mission is to help clients achieve profitable growth through improved marketing strategy, marketing practices and processes, marketing organisation, and marketing learning.

Kotler Marketing Group specialises in five areas – consumer marketing, business-to-business marketing, international marketing, digital marketing, and strategic marketing workshops and training. In each of these areas, we offer personalised service, leveraging our extensive marketing experience to tailor solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients.

Kotler Marketing Group (Singapore) serves clients worldwide (especially the business expansion of Chinese enterprises and ASEAN enterprises in international markets). With the help of international talent resources, strategy planning abilities, and resource integration abilities, KMG transitioned technology, brands, talented personnel, and capital from all over the world into Asia. The professional consultants at KMG are equipped with broad international experience and insightful knowledge about the Asian markets to help clients create business miracles one after another.




KMG's brand consulting approach is inspired by Kevin Keller's CBBE (Customer-based brand equity) model. We offer a brand service to CEOs and CMOs to create a competitive position, unique benefits, and premium value in the market and the hearts of consumers. Our team conducts thorough market and consumer research to identify the factors contributing to the success and risks involved in building brand value. Based on this analysis, we develop a brand strategy and operational plan, initiate brand execution, and synergise marketing activities to enhance the brand impact and ultimately increase brand equity.



KMG follows Philip Kotler's strategic marketing theory, which helps firms create a plan for the marketing development of a specific market over a certain period. This approach aims to increase the efficiency of utilising marketing resources and maximise the firms' overall resources. Moreover, it ensures that the overall strategy implementation is crucial in achieving a marketing-centric development strategy that increases client profits.



Developing a growth strategy is a fundamental part of a corporation's overall strategy and must be carefully considered. This strategy provides insight into how firms can identify new paths for growth that exceed the industry growth rate, resulting in a better ability to expand their business. KMG's strategy consulting services focus on growth strategy as a core component. We help firms overcome strategic bottlenecks through a globalized vision and a customer-centric marketing approach, drawing on our consulting experience.



Many CEOs and CMOs talk about digitalization marketing and AIGC, yet they lack the digital transformation strategy at the executive level. Our mission is to help clients solve these problems. We achieve this through our methodology, which utilizes the Kotler-4R framework. This methodology combines a strategic marketing plan with marketing technology, helping CEOs and CMOs transition from traditional marketing to digital marketing. From strategic initiative to implementation, the Kotler-4R framework provides firms with comprehensive solutions to their digital marketing needs.

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