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Growth strategy is the essence and core issue of company strategy. It answers how a company can acquire new paths for business growth, gaining the ability for business growth faster than the industry growth rate. Growth strategy is the core service offering of KMG. Leveraging a global perspective and consulting experience, we assist companies in overcoming strategic growth bottlenecks in their journey of growth.

Our Methods

Through KMG’s research, growth strategy can be implemented in 11 ways, including market share competition, regional penetration, new business models, diversification, mergers and acquisitions, among others. However, the specific choice of growth strategy depends on a comprehensive decision-making process that takes into account the industry environment, the leadership vision, and the alignment of resources and opportunities that the company currently faces.

Our services
  • Evaluation of key enterprise capabilities

  • Planning for enterprise growth paths

  • Implementation of enterprise growth strategies

  • Audit of external development opportunities for the enterprise

  • Planning for marketing strategy and customer relationship management