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The father of modern marketing, Philip Kotler, defines marketing strategy as the comprehensive principles that a business unit intends to use in its target market to achieve various marketing objectives. It primarily consists of three components: target market strategy, marketing mix, and marketing expenditure budget.

Adhering to the strategic thinking of Philip Kotler, KMG aims to assist enterprises in envisioning and planning the overall development of marketing over a certain period. The goal is to improve the efficiency of utilizing marketing resources, maximize the utilization of enterprise resources, and play a key role in ensuring the overall implementation of corporate strategy. The ultimate objective is to achieve "profit growth for customers through a marketing-centric development strategy."

Our Methodology

Kotler Consulting believes that successful marketing requires standing at the height of the company's development strategy, unifying thinking, and planning a series of customer value activities, including customer value selection, creation, communication, and delivery. It is essential to rely on in-depth insights into the market—namely, customer needs and the essence of competition—to allocate marketing resources and design marketing plans. This ensures that marketing and sales functions are oriented towards "company growth." In the practical aspects of enterprise marketing, this also includes planning, improvement, and monitoring of the company's marketing activities, sales channels, and distributor systems.

Our services
  • New product launch

  • Product positioning planning

  • Integrated marketing communication

  • Optimization and design of channel models

  • Regional market enhancement and expansion

  • Marketing business process analysis and construction