Milton Kotler

Our Achievements:

Kotler Marketing Group (KMG) is committed to providing comprehensive branding /strategic marketing and innovation growth strategy services to clients. Over the past 42 years, KMG has served clients across North and South America, Europe, and Asia. This includes more than 300 firms within the Fortune 500 and nearly 200 small and medium firms, which span across 16 industries.

With the help of international talent resources, strategy planning abilities, and resource integration abilities, KMG transitioned technology, brands, talented personnel, and capital from all over the world into China and Asia. Upon entering China in 1999, KMG conducted place branding projects for 15 national development zones and 8 cities in China and has provided marketing strategy plans and training services for more than 130 Chinese firms. The professional consultants at KMG are not only equipped with broad international experience but also insightful knowledge about the Chinese and Asian markets to help clients create business miracles one after another.