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This is an era discussing "digital transformation," but it's also an era where there is a lack of top-level design for digital marketing strategy transformation at the CEO and CMO levels. Helping clients address these issues is the mission and purpose of Kotler-Digital. Our operational approach is guided by Kotler-4R, integrating executive-level marketing strategy consulting with big data implementation technology. We assist CEOs and CMOs in transitioning from traditional marketing to digital marketing strategies, providing digital marketing strategy solutions from strategy formulation to implementation on the ground.

Our Methods

Based on the unchanging essence of marketing strategy, which includes demand management, establishing differentiation value, and building the foundation for continuous transactions, we assist Chinese enterprises in this era of simultaneous transformation and change in the digital age. We fully leverage internet technologies, offering a comprehensive operational approach for the upgrade of digital marketing strategies, ranging from system theory to tool architecture. This involves a complete overhaul of marketing activity strategies, enabling companies to achieve strategic transformation and upgrade in the digital era.

Our services
  • Traffic Strategy

  • O2O Strategy Planning (Online to Offline)

  • Overall Digital Marketing Strategy Planning

  • Research and Optimization of Customer Digital Behavior

  • Marketing Strategy Planning Based on Social Media